Yamaha TF3 Digital Mixing Console

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Yamaha TF3 Digital Mixing Console

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  • Yamaha TF3 Digital Mixing Console
  • Yamaha TF3 Digital Mixing Console
  • Yamaha TF3 Digital Mixing Console
  • Yamaha TF3 Digital Mixing Console
  • Yamaha TF3 Digital Mixing Console
  • Yamaha TF3 Digital Mixing Console
  • Yamaha TF3 Digital Mixing Console
  • Yamaha TF3 Digital Mixing Console
  • Yamaha TF3 Digital Mixing Console
  • Yamaha TF3 Digital Mixing Console
  • Yamaha TF3 Digital Mixing Console
  • Yamaha TF3 Digital Mixing Console
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49.90 LBS
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Yamaha Digital Mixing Console

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Product Highlights
- Touchscreen & 25 Motorized Faders
- 24 Analog XLR/TRS Combo Mic/Line Inputs
- 2 Analog RCA Pin Stereo Line Inputs
- 16 Analog XLR Outputs
- Per-Channel EQ /Comp & 8 FX Processors
- Recallable D-PRE Microphone Preamps
- Expandable Up to 48 Input Channels
- 34x34 Recording to Computer via USB 2.0
- Optional Tio1608-D I/O Rack
- Includes Steinberg's Nuendo Live


Yamaha TF3 Digital Mixing Console
- Power Cord
- Steinberg's Nuendo Live
- Limited 1-Year Manufacturer Warranty


Yamaha Digital Mixing Console


Yamaha TF3 - Digital Mixing Console
The Yamaha TF3 is a rack-mountable digital audio mixing console that features a touchscreen display, 25 motorized faders, and is expandable up to 48 input channels by adding the optional Tio1608-D I/O rack. Ideal for a multitude of live sound reinforcement scenarios, the TF3 can also be used for live recording, offering 34 x 34 channel digital recording and playback via USB 2.0 using a computer and your preferred DAW software, and 2 x 2 channel recording and playback using any USB storage device.

The TF3 console itself provides 24 analog XLR/TRS combo mic/line inputs with 48V phantom power, as well as 2 analog RCA stereo line inputs, and 16 analog XLR outputs. Each combo input channel features a recallable D-PRE microphone preamp, as well EQ and two dynamics processors. In addition, the console offers eight powerful FX processors with patches ranging from reverb and delay, to modulation effects such as flanger and chorus, to utility processing like 3-band multi-band compression. The TF3 ships with Steinberg's Nuendo Live for advanced multi-tracking and virtual sound check capabilities.


Yamaha TF3 Specs
Faders 25
Mixer Input Channels: 48 (40 mono + 2 stereo + 2 return)
Aux Buses: 20 (8 mono + 6 stereo)
Stereo Buses: 1
Sub Buses: 1
Input Channel Functions: 8 DCA Groups
I/O Inputs: 24 mic/line (XLR/TRS combo) + 2 stereo line (RCA pin)
Outputs: 16 (XLR)
Expansion Slots: 1
DSP 8 effects + 10 GEQ
USB 34 x 34 USB audio interface, 2-track recording via USB storage device
Sampling Frequency 48 kHz, internal
Signal Delay Less than 2.6 ms, INPUT to OMNI OUT, Fs=48 kHz
Faders 100 mm motorized, resolution = 10-bit, +10 to -138 dB, -? dB all faders
Total Harmonic Distortion Less than 0.05% 20 Hz - 20 kHz @ +4 dBu into 600 ohms, INPUT to OMNI OUT, input gain = min. (measured with a -18 dB/octave filter @ 80 kHz)
Frequency Response +0.5, -1.5 dB 20 Hz - 20 kHz, refer to +4 dBu output @ 1 kHz, INPUT to OMNI OUT
Dynamic Range 110 dB typ., DA converter, 107 dB typ., INPUT to OMNI OUT, input gain = min
Noise Equivalent Input Noise:-128 dBu typ., input gain = max. (measured with an A-weight filter)
Residual output noise:-85 dBu, ST master off (measured with an A-weight filter)
Crosstalk -100 dB (measured with a -30 dB/octave filter @ 22 kHz), adjacent INPUT/OMNI OUT channels, input gain = min
Power Requirements 100 - 240 V 50/60 Hz
Power Consumption 110 W
Analog Inputs Input Terminals: INPUT 1-24, ST IN 1,2
GAIN: -6 dB / +66 dB (INPUT 1-24)
Load Impedance: 7.5 kOhms (INPUT 1-24); 10 kOhms (ST IN 1,2)
For Use With Nominal: 50 - 600 ohm mics or 600 ohm lines (INPUT 1-24); 600 ohm lines (ST IN 1,2)
Sensitivity: -82 dBu (61.6 V), -10 dBu (245 mV) (INPUT 1-24); -30 dBV (31.6 V) (ST IN 1,2)
Nominal: -62 dBu (0.616 mV), +10 dBu (2.45 V) (INPUT 1-24); -10 dBV (316 mV) (INPUT 1-24)
Max. Before Clip: -42 dBu (6.16 mV), +30 dBu (24.5 V) (INPUT 1-24); +10 dBV (3.16 V) (ST IN 1,2)
Connector: Combo Jack (XLR-3-31 type or TRS phone) balanced (INPUT 1-24); RCA pin jack unbalanced (ST IN 1,2)
Analog Outputs Output Terminals: OMNI OUT 1-16, PHONES
Source Impedance: 75 ohms (OMNI OUT 1-16); 100 ohms (PHONES)
For Use With Nominal: 600 ohm lines (OMNI OUT 1-16); 40 ohms (PHONES)
GAIN SW: +24 dBu position (default) (OMNI OUT 1-16)
Nominal Output Level: +4 dBu (1.23 V) (OMNI OUT 1-16); 3 mW (PHONES)
Max. Output Level Before Clip: +24 dBu (12.3 V) (OMNI OUT 1-16); 75 mW (PHONES)
Connector: XLR-3-32 type balanced (OMNI OUT 1-16); stereo phone jack (TRS) unbalanced (PHONES)
Digital Input/Output Terminals: USB (TO HOST), iPad
Format: USB
Data length 24-bit (USB TO HOST)
Audio: 34 ch input / 34 ch output, PCM (USB TO HOST); Playback: MP3 or WAV file data / Record: WAV file data (iPad)
Connector: USB (B type) (USB TO HOST); USB (A type) (iPad)
Control I/O Terminals: NETWORK, FOOT SW
Format:IEEE802.3 (NETWORK)
Level: 10BASE-T/100Base-TX (NETWORK)
Connector: RJ-45 (NETWORK); TS Phone (FOOT SW )
Packaging Info
Dimensions 28.2 x 8.9 x 23.6" (716 x 225 x 599 mm)
Net Weight 37.5 lb (7.0 kg)
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Technical Specs

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What's Included

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