Sound Devices 633

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Sound Devices 633

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  • Sound Devices 633
  • Sound Devices 633
  • Sound Devices 633
  • Sound Devices 633
  • Sound Devices 633
  • Sound Devices 633
  • Sound Devices 633
  • Sound Devices 633
  • Sound Devices 633
  • Sound Devices 633
Manufacturer Part:
10.00 LBS


Sound Devices 6-Input Compact Field Mixer and 10-Track Digital Recorder


6-Input Compact Field Mixer and 10-Track Digital Recorder

Rental Includes:
Sound Devices 633 Audio Mixer
(1) Field Bag
(1) User manual

Download User Manual


Sound Devices 633 Audio Mixer
(1) Field Bag
(1) User manual


Sound Devices 6-Input Compact Field Mixer and 10-Track Digital Recorder


Sound Devices 633 - 6-Input Compact Field Mixer and 10-Track Digital Recorder
The Sound Devices 633 6-Input Field Production Mixer and Digital Recorder is designed for production audio mixing and recording on set and in the field. The unit is housed in a compact lightweight molded metalized carbon-fiber chassis and features six analog inputs: three XLR microphone preamplifier inputs with selectable phantom power, high-pass filters, input limiters, faders and variable pans, as well as three line-level TA3 (mini-XLR) inputs. The first XLR input can also function as an AES digital input and accept AES3 or AES42 inputs with +10 V phantom power for digital microphones. The two XLR outputs can also be used as four channels of AES output.

All of the unit's inputs can be assigned to the mixer's six output buses: left, right, Aux 1, Aux 2, Aux 3, and Aux 4. Selectable input delay on all six inputs and output bus delay on all six buses makes it easy to correct lip-syncing issues between audio and video. The unit's 1/4" headphone output can be configured with different user-presets and a favorite mode allows for quick source selection when monitoring. The device can record to an SD card, CompactFlash card, or both memory card formats simultaneously in mono or poly WAV or MP3 file formats. The cards can be set to record redundant backups or combinations of WAV and time-coded MP3s for dailies and transcription purposes.

The six inputs, output bus left, output bus right, aux 1, and aux 2 can all be recorded to individual tracks at 24-bit 48 kHz resolution for a total of ten tracks. This is useful for having both individual tracks from the six inputs, as well as the recordist's field mix. Up to six tracks can be recorded at 24-bit 96 kHz and 192 kHz sample rates. The device can be powered by any of four different simultaneously coexistent power sources, including 12 to 18 VDC from an external power supply (sold separately), two removable 7.2 V L-type lithium-ion batteries (sold separately), and six internal AA batteries (NiMH recommended, sold separately).

The unit's LCD display indicates battery levels for the various sources. When one power supply is depleted, the mixer will automatically switch to the next power supply without interruption. When all power supplies are depleted, the device's built-in PowerSafe trickle-charge battery will keep the device running for an additional 10 seconds so that all files can be saved and closed properly and ensure that no data is lost. The built-in battery also allows the device to power up and start recording in two seconds for near immediate operation.

The unit is built with dedicated ergonomic controls for all major mixing and recording functions and features an LCD display that can be viewed in all types of lighting. The background of the display can be changed in the menu settings between day and night modes to make the meters easier to read. An integrated high-accuracy Timecode generator supports all common rates and modes. A USB port allows for the connection of a computer keyboard for easy entering of metadata to better organize files. The unit is built to be durable in the field, and includes gasket seals to protect the internal circuitry from the elements.

- Three High-Bandwidth XLR Preamplifiers
- +12, +48, and +10V Digital Phantom Power
- HP Filter, Pan, Fader, Trim Controls
- AES3 and AES42 for Digital Microphones
- Digital Mixing
- Records to SD and CompactFlash Cards
- USB Computer Keyboard Metadata Entry
- Multiple Simultaneous Power Sources
- Built-In Save Battery and 2-Second Boot
- Lightweight Molded Carbon-Fiber Chassis

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Connectors 3 x XLR 3-pin Female Inputs
3 x TA3 (mini-XLR) inputs
2 x XLR 3-pin male outputs (left and right)
1 x 1/4" headphone jack
2 x TA3 outputs (Aux 1 and Aux 2)
1 x 1/8" stereo output (Aux 3 and Aux 4)
1 x RTN output
1 x Timecode output
1 x 4-pin Hirose power connector
Frequency Response 10 to 40,000 Hz ±0.5 dB
-3 dB at 65,000 Hz (192,000 Hz sampling rate reference at 1,000 Hz)
THD + Noise 0.09% max (1,000 Hz, 22 to 22,000 Hz BW, fader at 0, 0 dBu output)
Equivalent Input Noise -126 dBu (-128 dBV) maximum (22 to 22,000 Hz bandwidth, flat filter, trim control fully up)
Input Type XLR Mic: active balanced for use with ?600 Ω microphones, 4,000 Ω actual, 12 V or 48 V phantom power, 10 mA max

XLR AES: AES3 or AES42 (10 V power), SRC

XLR Line: active-balanced for use with ?2,000 Ω outputs, 10,000 Ω

TA3 Line: active-balanced for use with ? 2,000 Ω outputs, 10,000 Ω actual

RTN (3.5 mm): unbalanced stereo for use with ? 2,000 Ω outputs, 30,000 Ω actual
Maximum Input Level XLR Mic: 0 dBu (0.78 Vrms)
XLR Line: +40 dBu (80 Vrms)
RTN (3.5 mm): +24 dBu (12.4 Vrms)
Maximum Gain Mic-In-to-Line-Out: 91 dB
Mic-In-to-Aux-Out, -10 Out: 77 dB
Line-In-to-Line-Out: 39 dB
High-Pass Filter Sweepable 80 to 240 Hz
12 dB/octave at 80 Hz
6 dB/octave at 240 Hz
Microphone Power Each analog input is selectable
12 V phantom through 680 Ω resistors, 10 mA per mic available
48 V phantom through 6,800 Ω, 10 mA per mic available
Limiting Analog input limiters (inputs 1 through 3)
Affects microphone preamp output only (Trim stage): +16 dBu
Ratio: 20:1
Attack time: 1 ms
Release time: 500 ms

Digital input limiters (inputs 1 through 6)
+6 dBu to +18 dBu threshold (adjustable
Ratio: 20:1
Attack time: 1 ms
Release time: 500 ms
AES AES42 Mode 1: provides +10 V digital phantom power
Output Type XLR Line: active balanced for use with ? 600 Ω inputs

XLR -10: active balanced for use with ? 10,000 Ω inputs

XLR Mic: active balanced for use with ? 600 Ω inputs

TA3 Active balanced Mic/Line: pin-2 and 3 driven, for use with ? 3,000 Ω inputs

Aux X3 and X4 (3.5 mm): unbalanced, stereo, for use with ? 6,000 Ω inputs

Headphones (1/4"): unbalanced, stereo, for use with 8 to 2,000 Ω headphones
Output Impedance XLR and TA3 balanced outputs: 100 Ω at line setting
3,200 Ω at -10 setting
150 Ω at mic setting

TA3 balanced outs: 1,000 Ω at Mic and line settings
Aux X3, X4 (3.5 mm): 100 Ω
Headphones (1/4"): 100 Ω
Line Output Level Clipping: 20 dBu minimum with 10,000 Ω load
Maximum Output Level Line: +20 dBu (7.8 Vrms)
-10: +6 dBu (1.5 Vrms)
Mic: -20 dBu (0.078 Vrms)
Aux 3/4: +6 dBu (1.5 Vrms)
Limiting Affects the outputs of the mixer
Threshold selectable from +4 dBu to +18 dBu, 1 dB steps
Ratio: 20:1
Attack time: 1 ms
Release time: 500 ms
Maximum Gain Typical: Trim, Fader, Master, Phones, RTN fully up
Mic-level input
Master outs (XLR) at line: 91 dB
Master outs (XLR) at -10: 77 dB
Master outs (XLR) at mic: 51 dB
X3, X4 Outs (3.5 mm): 77 dB
Headphones (1/4"): 107 dB

Line-level input
Master outs (XLR) at line: 51 dB
Master outs (XLR) at -10: 37 dB
Master outs (XLR) at mic: 11 dB
X3, X4 Outs (3.5 mm): 37 dB
Headphones (1/4"): 67 dB

Headphones (1/4"): 5 dB
AES3 Output Transformer-balanced AES Out A, B, on XLR
110 Ω, 2 V p-p
AES and S/PDIF compatible with RCA adaptor
Sampling Frequency 44,100 Hz
47,952 Hz
48,000 Hz
48,048 Hz
88,200 Hz
96,000 Hz
192,000 Hz
Bit Depth 24-bit
Dynamic Range 114 dB, A-weighted, typical
Recording storage SD, SDXC, SDHC card

FAT32 or exFAT formatted, will format media on-board

CompactFlash (CF)

FAT32 formatted for CF and SD < 32 GB

exFat for SD cards > 32 GB

Formats cards in-unit
File Type Record: WAV (Broadcast Wave File format), polyphonic or MP3
Playback: WAV (Broadcast Wave File format), polyphonic or MP3
Timecode Modes supported: Off, Rec Run, Free Run, 24h Run, External

Frame Rates: 23.976, 24, 25, 29.97DF, 29.97ND, 30DF, 30ND

Accuracy: Ambient generator, 0.2 ppm (0.5 frame in 24 hr)

Timecode input: 20,000 Ω impedance, 0.3 V to 3.0 V p-p (-17 dBu to +3 dBu)

Timecode output: 1,000 Ω impedance, 3.0 V p-p (+12 dBu)
Accuracy Sample/Timecode: ± 0.2 ppm (0.5 frames per 24 hours)
Power External: 10 to 18 V on locking 4-pin Hirose connector, pin 4 = +, pin 1 = -
2 x Removable 7.2 V (nominal) Sony L-type Li-ion, operational from 6.5 to 8.5 V

Internal 6 x AA (LR6) batteries, 1.2 to 1.6 V nominal (NiMH rechargeable compatible)
Temperature Operating: -4 to 140° F (-20 to 60° C)
Storage: -40 to 185° F (-40 to 85°C)
Humidity (Non-condensing) 0 to 90% relative humidity
Dimensions (H x W x D) 2.2 x 9.4 x 5.6" (6.0 x 24 x 14 cm)
Weight 2.56 lb (1.10 kg)
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