Riedel MicroN UHD Media Distribution Network Device

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Riedel MicroN UHD Media Distribution Network Device

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  • Riedel MicroN UHD Media Distribution Network Device
  • Riedel MicroN UHD Media Distribution Network Device
  • Riedel MicroN UHD Media Distribution Network Device
  • Riedel MicroN UHD Media Distribution Network Device
  • Riedel MicroN UHD Media Distribution Network Device
  • Riedel MicroN UHD Media Distribution Network Device
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3.00 LBS
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Riedel Media Distribution Network Device

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Product Highlights:
  • Integrated video, audio and data router
  • 100G highspeed links
  • 8x In / 8x Out 12G/3G/HD/SD-SDI
  • 8x In / 8x Out 3G/HD/SD-SDI
  • 16x 3G/HD/SD-SDI In / Out (switchable)
  • 2x SFP ports (up to 1434Mbit/s)
  • Sync reference In / Out (BB, Tri-Level, WC)
  • (1) Riedel MICRON UHD Media Distribution Network Device
Riedel Media Distribution Network Device
Riedel MICRON UHD Media Distribution Network Device

MicroN UHD is the next generation of MediorNet signal distribution and processing devices. Building on Riedel’s distributed and software-defined concept, this new node adds more bandwidth, more I/O, higher resolutions, and more processing power to the MediorNet platform. The new addition to the MediorNet family provides 400G backbone connectivity for signal distribution over meshed architectures, includes 12G-SDI for native UHD (4k) workflows, and allows reliable operation due to link redundancy

Distributed Routing

MediorNet provides versatile distributed routing and gateway capacities for any TDM, IP, or hybrid production environment. Instead of a central router, MediorNet infrastructures are based on an array of decentralized network devices and intelligent nodes. This distributed system intelligence allows the free placement of physical I/Os, which increases the flexibility of any installation while significantly reducing cabling and set-up time. With MediorNet, you get one unified TDM or IP backbone for all your signals. Because MediorNet is not just about video... even audio, intercom, serial data or ethernet can be transported and routed effortlessly to and from any conceivable point.

MicroN UHD & MicroN Standard App

The Standard App provides high-density signal interfaces into the distributed MediorNet TDM ecosystem and allows to build highly scalable audio and video routing solutions. It enables 24/48 SDI video signal port (up to 12G SDI) and 2 MADI audio interfaces and provides 80G/400G backbone connectivity. All audio and video ports come with standard processing features like frame synchronizers and embedders/de-embedders.

Distributed Multiviewing

Multiviewing remains one of the most important processing and monitoring features in any video system – and distributing multiviewer capacities may considerably streamline all associated processes and workflows. For one, the integration into a distributed MediorNet ecosystem enables efficient monitoring of any signal and flexible routing of multiviewer heads to any physical output. For another, the various MultiViewer Apps available for MicroN UHD, MicroN, MuoN and FusioN provide unmatched scalability, flexibility and density, as well as support for 3rd party interfaces like Ember+, NMOS, and TSL, making them just the right choice for any production.

MicroN UHD & MicroN MultiViewer App

With access to all distributed MediorNet signals, the MicroN UHD & MicroN MultiViewer Apps make these available on one of four monitoring heads that can be routed to any given output. Both apps feature a rich set of widgets, as well as fully flexible scaling and positioning of elements on the screen. As MediorNet is distributed by nature, the MultiViewer Apps allow to use system-wide clocks, time codes and counters and easy configuration sharing. The MicroN UHD Multiviewer App includes all the powerful features of the MicroN Multiviewer App, while adding UHD support and increasing the input channel amount to 36 PiPs.

Distributed Signal Processing

Basic signal processing is integrated across all MediorNet gateway devices. These processing functions allow for seamless routing across the decentralized MediorNet network and across diff erent formats. With a wide selection of apps, enhanced processing capabilities like up/down/cross conversion, color correction, or encoding/decoding, can be added to the system just where they are needed. As MediorNet solutions are software defined and FPGA-based, you buy not only what the product is capable of today, but also what it will be capable of in the future.

MediorNet TDM Integrated Processing

With integrated processing features such as frame store/frame sync embedders/de-embedders, test pattern generators and sample rate converters, MediorNet minimizes the need for external processing and glue equipment. Through these features, the system provides enormous efficiency gains in all production environments.

Remote and Distributed I/O

There are ever-larger distances to be covered between the various parts of modern production chains, e.g. between venue and production truck, between buildings on a campus, or between facilities in different parts of the city. The MediorNet family is fully suited to all those needs: For IP networks, it includes JPEG-2000 or JPEG-XS encode/decode solutions and the compact FusioN devices, which can be installed right at the signal sources and destinations to transfer the signals directly. And for both TDM and IP environments, there are powerful and efficient stagebox solutions to be implemented with MediorNet Compact or FusioN, or the MicroN Point-to-Point App.

Compact Standard App

MediorNet Compact is a fiber-based stagebox providing enough capacity for bi-directional transport of 16 HD-SDI signals, dozens of MADI streams or GBit-Ethernet signals and hundreds of audio channels or intercom ports – ideal for streamlining the infrastructure of any mobile, studio or live event application.
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