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Required Rental Documents:

  • Rental Agreement: 3 pages
  • Credit Card Authorization: 1 page (cardholder must match name on rental agreement)
  • Photocopy of Credit Card: front & back
  • Photocopy of matching picture ID
  • Certificate of Leased/Rented Property insurance endorsed by your agent, naming Omega Broadcast & Cinema as an additional insured and loss payee
  • Texas Sales Tax Exemption Certificate: not required, only if eligible

Your payment choices for rental transactions include any of the following:

  • Credit Card: Visa, Mastercard or American Express
  • Debit Card: Visa or Mastercard must be accompanied by a true credit card
  • Wire Transfer: Contact Omega’s accounting department for routing information
  • Personal Check: Only after your initial transaction with authorized credit card
  • Cash: Accepted after your initial transaction, with authorized credit card
Exception: Submission of a full-coverage leased/rented property insurance policy, is the only exception where an authorized credit card would not be required.


- A Credit Card is an agreement between you and your bank, which extends your business a line of credit account for you to repay on an interest rate schedule set by the bank.

- A Debit or Check Card is a payment tool that accompanies your business or personal checking account but does not typically extend a line of credit to you or allow for use of funds over the amount residing in your checking account at the time of a transaction. Some banks issue cards which can be used as both a debit card and “credit card,” but these are typically only allowances for how a transaction is posted with your bank and not an indication that you are operating from a credit account.

- Unless you have authorized a card for payment which If you wish to pay with a debit card, you must also submit either a credit card or adequate proof of insurance.

It is advisable to have a properly endorsed insurance policy covering rented equipment, but a credit card with an available credit line equal to the replacement cost of the equipment is a requirement for Omega customers who do not carry insurance. If you do not carry an insurance policy for rented property, a true credit card is our only security that you will be able to replace our equipment in the event of unexpected loss or damage.

If you have applied for credit terms with Omega Broadcast & Cinema, you have the option to pay by any method above at the time of rental or on a net accrual basis granted to your company.


  • Rental cancelled before 48 hours of pick up: No charge
  • Rental cancelled within 24 hours of pick up: 10% charge of the total order
  • Rental cancelled after equipment is picked up, but not used, Omega notified within 2 hours of pick up and brought back the same day: 25% charge of total order
  • Rental cancelled after equipment is picked up for more than 2 hours: 100% charge of total rental, may be reduced to (1) day rental if multiple day rental
  • Rental cancelled after shipping: 100% of rental plus shipping charges
  • All fees are subject to Omega’s discretion

Required Rental Documents:

On larger value rented items/packages or rented items/packages that will be on rental for an extended period of time Omega Broadcast & Cinema may require you to provide proof of insurance to cover damage or loss during that period. The following insurance companies specialize in serving the photography video and production community; the insurance certificate should specify Omega Broadcast & Cinema, 817 West Howard Lane, Austin, TX 78753 as the loss payee.


Office Hours of Operation:

Weekdays: 8:30AM - 5:30PM
Pick-ups: 2:00PM or later on the day before your production
Drop-offs: before 10:00AM on the day after your production


Rental Documents:

Rental Application

PDF DownloadDownload the Omega Rentals Application

Credit Card Authorization

PDF DownloadDownload the Credit Card Authorization Form

Application for Credit

PDF DownloadDownload the Application for Credit Form

Tax Exemption

PDF DownloadDownload the Tax Exemption Form