Panasonic Remote Control Robotic Camera Production Flypack

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Panasonic Remote Control Robotic Camera Production Flypack

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  • Panasonic Remote Control Robotic Camera Production Flypack
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Panasonic Three Camera Package

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Three Camera Package

Product Highlights:
- 4-Channel 1080p60/50 Indoor PTZ Camera
- IP Streaming & 3G-SDI and HDMI Output
- PoE Support for Power, Control, Output
- Remote IP Control via Mac, PC, Mobile
- Three 1/2.86" MOS Sensors and DSP
- f/1.6 20x Motorized Optical Zoom Lens
- 1.4x Digital Extender
- Built-In Neutral Density Filter and DRS
- 12 Color Axes & 3 Skin Tone Axes
- Anti-Vibrate Optical Image Stabilization


(3) Pansaonic AW-HE130K
(1) Panasonic AW-RP120
(1) Panasonic AW-HS50N
(1) ASUS 24" Monitor
(1) 60W 12V DC Power Supply
(3) 100' CATE M-M Ethernet Cable
(3) 100' BNC M-M Broadcast Cable


Panasonic Three Camera Package


Panasonic Remote Control Robotic Camera Production Flypack - Three Camera Package
The black AW-HE130 HD Integrated Camera from Panasonic is a high-definition, remotely controllable PTZ camera for indoor use. Three 1/2.86 MOS sensors allow this camera to deliver up to four channels of sharp, HD video output with a resolution of up to 1080/60p, in addition to 3G-SDI and HDMI. The AW-HE130 also supports POE+: with only one LAN cable you can power and control the camera and video output. The camera is equipped with 20x zoom, a maximum f/1.6 aperture, and an 1.4x digital extender that can increase the focal length. A built-in neutral density filter and DRS (Dynamic Range Stretch) work in conjunction with 12 color axes and 3 skin tone axes to give you even more control of your resulting images.

Full HD Video Output via IP Transmission
In addition to 3G-SDI and HDMI output, production quality full HD video output via IP transmission is supported. The camera delivers up to four channels of IP streaming video (H.264), with a maximum quality level of 1080/60p at 24 Mbps. Simultaneous transmission to as many as 14 devices is also supported. Flexible system setup is possible to meet various application needs.

Transmits IP Video Without a Separate Encoder
There is no need for the separate encoder normally required when streaming video and audio via IP. Systems can be built with exceptional cost/performance benefits.

Supports POE+ for Lower Installation Cost
By connecting to network devices that support the IEEE 802.3 at POE+ standard, power can be supplied via LAN cable. Since it is not necessary to install a power supply or even a local AC outlet, installation costs can be significantly reduced.

IP Control with Image Monitoring Using PC, Mac, and Mobile Terminals
Using an IP browser, such as Internet Explorer or Safari, it is possible to set up and control the camera from a remote location. This feature simplifies the management of cameras around a campus, or across a worldwide enterprise network. IP video monitoring and remote camera control can also be performed from mobile terminals such as iPhones, iPads, or Android devices.

Flexible IP Control Architecture Simplifies System Design and Operation
Up to a hundred AW-HE130 cameras can be controlled via IP from a single AW-RP120G, AW-RP50, or PC. An AW-HE130 can also be simultaneously controlled by up to five AW-RP120G or AW-RP50s via IP. AK-HRP200G can be used for precise color adjustment.

Three1/2.86-type MOS Sensors for High-Level Video Capture and Production
Equipped with three 1/2.86-type full HD MOS sensors and DSP (Digital Signal Processor), the AW-HE130 achieves high sensitivity, a high S/N ratio, and high resolution through the use of advanced video processing.

Optical Image Stabilization System (OIS)
Automatically minimizes the effect of small vibrations of the surface on which the camera is mounted, whether such vibrations are caused by the opening and closing of doors, by nearby speakers, or by other disturbances.

High Performance 20x Zoom Lens/1.4x Digital Extender Zoom
In addition to a sharp, fast F1.6, 20x optical zoom lens, the AW-HE130 is equipped with a 1.4x digital extender that can increase the effective focal length of the lens by 40% while delivering smooth, high resolution video.


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