Omega Broadcast Group Sponsors Pedal South
Check out what they took on the road to shoot their epic documentary

by: atanguma 6/20/2014

Omega Sponsors Pedal South OMEGA NEWS, June 20, 2014: Omega Broadcast Group is proud to announce that one of its own, Ricardo Palomares, is directing Pedal South, the film, and serving as an essential member of the cycling team making the ambitious journey from Alaska to Argentina. Their aim to document the people and landscapes of the Americas through writing, photography and film. Palomares earned his cred at Omega as a top-notch editor, producer, and designer, so when he approached Omega leadership seeking sponsorship for Pedal South, it was just a matter of identifying needs.

Omega quickly reached out to key manufacturers to secure meaningful support in the form of products the team will use --

G-technology G-RAID and G-TECH storage solutions
G-Drive Mini

Sennheiser lavaliers and shotgun mic
ew 112-p G3

Delkin Devices media cards

Stay tuned for updates, as the journey of Pedal South has just begun. To learn more about this inspiring documentary project, check out their web page and this extended article on the RTF department web page at UT-Austin

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