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Westcott FLEX CINE Demonstration Day at Omega!

Westcott FLEX CINE Demonstration Day at Omega!

The Original Flexible LED:

Westcott’s Flex LED mats are offered in a variety of sizes with daylight, bi-color, and RGBW options. These flicker-free lights provide consistent output with pristine 95-98 CRI ratings, water-resistant exteriors, and pliable framework that can be used anywhere. With adjustable full visible color spectrum output, Flex Cine RGBW Mats allow you to take full control of color on set and on location without sacrificing power or portability. At 1/3" thin and weighing less than 3 lbs., Flex Cine LED mats are ideal for lighting in compact spaces, concealing on set, travel, and storage.

Topics Discussed:

LED Mat Options:

•Daylight LED Mats

•Bi-Color LED Mats


Dimmers & Controls:

•Choose Between Wireless or Wired DMX

•Dimmer Control Modes and Presets

•Wireless control apps

Bring a friend and come learn everything you need to know about the Wescott Flex Cine Lights, while enjoying FREE food and drinks!

Date: September 19, 2019

Time: 3pm - 6pm

Omega Broadcast & Cinema
817 W. Howard Lane
Austin, Texas 78753

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Aug 19th 2019

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