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FujiFilm Announces New FUJINON 25-1000mm Full-Frame PL Mount Box Cinema Lens

FujiFilm Announces New FUJINON 25-1000mm Full-Frame PL Mount Box Cinema Lens

If you are looking for a long cinema lens that can cover large sensors and deliver a cinematic look to your live events, you might be interested in the latest product announcement from Fujifilm. The company has just introduced the FUJINON 25-1000mm F2.8-5.0 PL box lens, which is set to launch in 2023. This lens features a native PL mount and achieves a zoom ratio of 40x with a telephoto focal length of 1,000mm, the highest combination of magnification and telephoto reach available to date for large cinema sensors.

The FUJINON 25-1000mm is designed to work with digital cinema cameras that have image sensors larger than existing B4-mount cameras, such as:

  • Sony VENICE
  • Canon C700 FF

These cameras enable the expression of immersive images by offering smooth bokeh and high dynamic range for live broadcasting.

The FUJINON 25-1000mm utilizes optical design technology to achieve a maximum aperture of F2.8 and a 40x zoom ratio. This ultra-high zoom ratio lens is compatible with the large sensors of digital cinema cameras yet provides a brightness of F2.8 at a wide angle. Not only does it enable filming in low-light environments such as indoor concerts or nighttime events, but the shallow depth of field also provides the advantage of beautiful bokeh, bringing a cinematic look to live event production.

The FUJINON 25-1000mm also deploys a dual-format system that supports two single sensor sizes: a camera with a sensor equivalent to the large format size and a traditional super 35mm sensor. The use of the newly developed 1.5x expander shifts the focal length of the telephoto side, enabling super-telephoto image capture of 1500mm (1000x1.5). Additionally, when paired with a large format sensor, operators can shoot with a field of view equivalent to that of a super 35mm sensor while maintaining maximum optical performance, providing a true dual format lens.

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FUJINON 25-1000mm Full-Frame PL Mount Box Cinema Lens

Jun 28th 2023 Delaney Williams

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