Easy Hacks to Make Your Video Blogging More Professional


Video blogging, which is often known as vlogging, to those starting out, can be overwhelming. Many are not sure on what to do to create the desired impression or views. The truth, however, is that you don’t have to be a professional video editor or own an exquisite video camera equipment to grab people’s attention while creating online content. Better chances of catching the eyes of your audience rely on the power of your visuals, especially if you have or are trying to establish an identity for your brand. 

There are lots of things you can do to make your vlogging stand out, but here are few easy hacks you can use without straining too much.


1. Create Exceptional Thumbnails

This is the first thing that your viewers will see. It often determines whether one will watch your video or not. Whichever the case, you should make it count! Avoid the use of grainy or dull images. They will appear weak compared to your competitor’s content. Invest a considerate amount of time that will be worth it. There are some tools you can use, like Snappa, for example.

While creating a thumbnail, capture close-up images of you or the object you wish to portray. Also, ensure to convey strong emotions that people can relate to. Don’t forget to use bright backgrounds and consistency so that all your thumbnails are unique across all your content.led it to make a type specimen book.


2. Give Your Video a Good Title

Like the thumbnail, your video’s title will determine if your video is worth a view or not. Give it a title that is useful to the reader. Do not just use words like ‘’unbelievable’’ amazing” or ‘’hilarious’’ to attract attention, but ensure that it is relevant to the content. Drive urgency by hinting on why the video is beneficial to the viewer. Consequently, don’t cram everything about the video in the title. Make it short, preferably below 50 characters, to make it stand better chances of being clicked.

While giving your video a good title, you should also pick the right tags. Tags are key factors in ensuring that your video is easily found. The labels also give viewers or readers what your channel is about. Nevertheless, incorporate SEO keywords and learn from Google trends to see what many people relate with.


3. Keep the Audience in Mind

If you want more people subscribing to your channel or blog, don’t rely only on creating videos that are fun to watch. Create videos that are tailored towards what the audience seeks. Don’t give them what they should hear, instead, give them what matters and touches them on individual levels.


4. Don’t Include Too Many Ads

Ads are a great way of making money in vlogs and fund your content. However, some video bloggers tend to go overboard with too many ads. There are several options for ads you can permit in your videos, and although it might be tempting to try the maximization of earnings through them, keep your viewers in mind. Will they watch it even with all the adverts? Will the ads earn you more views, or the audience will just figure your videos are all about money?

If you are being paid to review a product, or you are in it only for the money, make it transparent to the viewers. This way, you can establish their trust.


5. Use Proper Lighting

Good lighting is adopted by professional bloggers to increase their traffic. While shooting a video, incorporate the appropriate lighting if you want it to stand out and attract more views. It doesn’t take much time or money to pull this off. Even with a low-quality camera, if you are filming in a place without exposure to natural light, you can create the best video. Similarly, you may want to invest a little in good lighting with a kit involving three lights; two placed in front and the other one above or behind you.


Other things to consider include, making your videos short, utilizing editing software like Pinnacle studios, using beautiful music, creating a podcast, and asking for a subscription.

Finally, don’t forget to link your video to other related clips as well as creating a comment section where the audience will leave their feedback.