More power in your toolbox

New FS5 v4.02 firmware

With the PXW-FS5, Sony overturned every previous notion of compact, handheld cinema cameras. And we haven't stopped. Succeeding FS5 firmware versions have added powerful new capabilities, reaching a high point with Version 4.02, available now.

Twice as nice: doubling the HFR to 120 fps

Out of the box, the FS5 achieves up to 60 fps continuous shooting with Full HD XAVC® L recording. Now Sony is dramatically doubling that to 120 fps with Version 4.02 firmware and the CBKZ-FS5HFR upgrade license, sold separately.

"Instant HDR" with Hybrid Log Gamma
High Dynamic Range entices audiences with the prospect of more vibrant images, brighter peak highlights and deeper shadows. The FS5 rises to the challenge with Hybrid Log Gamma (HLG). Suitable for both conventional and HDR televisions, HLG frees you to edit, color correct and distribute content just as you do today.

HLG enables High Dynamic Range viewing without sacrificing compatibility with conventional, SDR televisions and displays.

The match game: ISO 2000
For ideal matching with S-Log footage from FS7 Series cameras, we've tweaked the base ISO setting in S-Log modes from 3200 to 2000.