NEW JVC RM-LP100 Remote Camera Controller Firmware Update

Over one year ago, the JVC RM-LP100 remote camera controller was introduced as an advanced camera controller for the KY-PZ100 PTZ cameras. This month, this controller will get a firmware steroid infusion that will give you basic remote CCU functionality for many of our camcorders and lenses.

The NEW firmware upgrade will enable the RM-LP100 to initiate numerous RCU functions over IP for our GY-HM200, GY-HM660, GY-H850 and GY-HM890 cameras.

Some Key Features of the RM-LP100 Remote:
 - 7-inch (diagonal) touch screen for PTZ and CCU functions
 - Professional zoom rocker for smooth, variable speed zoom control
 - Heavy duty joystick for precise pan and tilt control (PTZ)
 - Focus dial with push-auto function
 - User assignable function keys
 - IP control of up to 100 cameras
 - Tally input (d-sub)

New Functionality Firmware Enhancement:

 RCU Over IP Capability to control:
    -  Shutter
    -  Gain
    -  Detail Level
    -  White Balance
    -  White Paint
    -  Tally
    -  Master Black
    -  Iris
    -  AE Level
    -  Record
    -  Streaming
    -  Auto White Balance Trigger
    -  Menu Controls
    -  Zoom (only with AF Lenses | Fujinon 20X standard lens)