How to Get Involved with Austin Film Society

The mission of the Austin Film Society is to enable members of the community to create, watch, and enjoy films and other forms of creative media. This society is a non-profit making film community that exhibits independent, experimental, and other non-commercial films.

The objective of the organization is to foster independent filmmaking and is currently foundation of developing the local film industry, especially in Austin. AFS owns and maintains a studio and hosts the Texas Films Awards gala. 

The Austin Film Society conducts after-school classes, and trains interns in addition to running the Ed Lowry Student Film Program. AFS boosts media literacy and offers an opportunity for the young to learn the art and science of filmmaking. It provides amateurs the chance to access state-of-the-art filmmaking equipment. 

The Austin Film Society hosts special events, film premieres, local and international film events, and the grand Texas Film Awards gala. Anyone interested in movies and filmmaking has an opportunity to become involved.

1. The Film Club 

The Austin Film Society conducts an after-school film club. The program is important in engaging budding filmmakers. The Film Club engages the students on the platform of digital media literacy. 

Participants learn the skills for analyzing, exploring, and producing films. That fosters creating the next generation of filmmakers. The curriculum covered by the AFS Film club focuses on all the important aspects of a 21st-century movie making workforce. 

When you join the AFC Film Club you will learn among other things:

• The art and science of digital media production and film making. That will empower you with 21st-century skills to help you express yourself creatively. The 21st-century skills also prepare youth for college and career life. 

• Get familiarized with modern-day filmmaking technology and an entire repertoire of software and equipment.  • Active and interactive learning program focus on your interests and experience levels in a relaxed setting. 

• Get accustomed to college and career pathways associated with the media industry, and enhance your use of video and photographic expression in your scholastic endeavors.

The curriculum of the AFS Film Club covers a wide array of topics including storyboarding, camera techniques, and film history. The leading filmmakers teach these lessons. The talented artists impart customized knowledge on filmmaking. 

The curriculum encompasses all needs and skills to make a successful filmmaker. Experts bring their knowledge and experience to your level and share insights on their career paths. By joining the Film Club, you get the best skills in media systems, communication, and essential knowledge and language arts. 

2. Summer Camp

The Austin Film Society has been the lifeline of an active film community for the last couple of years. The summer camp offers youth a rare chance to work with experienced filmmakers. The youth also get the opportunity to experience real time filmmaking in a modern recording studio. 

Whether you are developing a script idea, creating an animation project, or learning the skills for producing a TV show, the AFS summer camp is the solution. By joining the summer camp, you experience learning and exploring in fun filled environment. 

3. Grants

Budding film and video artists can participate in the AFS awards scheme. The scheme has so far offered more than $1.7 million in cash awards and $330 thousand in kind. The project has benefitted close to 500 film and video projects since its inception. 

Apart from the grants offered for production, post-production, and distribution of films, there are also cash awards. The cash stipends enable recipients to attend prominent film festivals via the AFS travel grant program. 

You qualify for the awards if you show promise, skill, and creativity. Most recipients have had their projects shown at prestigious film festivals such as Berlin, Tribeca, Sundance, Rotterdam, and Venice. Others get nominations for Gotham Awards as well as Student Academy Awards. You can join the list of emerging Texas Filmmakers by applying for these grants. 

4. Event Space Rentals 

The Austin Film Society enables artists and the community of filmmakers in every area of the creative process. You can get access to the esteemed Austin public, Austin Studios, and the AFS Cinema Studio.

Regardless of whether you are developing, planning, or in the pre-production, production or you are about to release, there is room for you. You can also choose to throw a bash, hold a business workshop, or an expo. 

The Austin Film Society has different kinds of facilities for rent on short term and long term basis. All the facilities have the capacity to offer high capacity rental opportunities and services. 

5. Production Services 

The Austin Film Society boasts world-class level production teams. They can help you create expert videos to showcase your business or organization. Whether it’s vibrant promotional videos or event coverage, the service is perfect for your internet based promotions.