What is RED TECH?

If you are into photography and film making, you want to use the equipment utilized by Hollywood crews. Technological advances have changed the world of filmmaking altogether. 

From sound to video and software and special effects, there are many options when choosing the right equipment. Filmmaking and video production are serious businesses that require skills and technology. 

Buying or renting the right equipment depends on budget, time and production style. Research to know new technologies are paramount in an ever-changing industry. Your filmmaking can reach Hollywood’s standards if you remember the most important elements.


RED TECH is a system of educational videos offering first-hand information on filming and photography products. The series addresses issues like products, features, and leading practices. Everything you want to know about handling cameras, expert tips and tricks, post production information, and third party equipment integration.


If you plan to create a movie, you will need gear. You can find the right tools to shoot the best footage without burning a hole in your wallet. When you know what to buy or rent, you can make high-quality movies with minimal gear. 

The best camera for film making depends on what you need, where you rent it from, and your expertise. The RED TECH module offers the flexibility to create the perfect setup for individual needs. The best camera shoots in high resolution and can manipulate the environment in every way you desire. 

Use the RED camera that can capture sufficient dynamic range to support Hollywood Standards. You don’t need extra settings or hard-to-get hardware. The RED TECH lightweight and high resolution camera delivers cinema grade images in any situation. 

Expert tips and tricks

If you are going to produce Hollywood level images, you must learn to monitor and control your camera like a pro. Controlling the camera and lens settings requires compatible Apps that give you the highest level of usability. The RED TECH command protocol enables you to start/stop recording, adjust white balance, shutter speed, and everything else using an iOS device. 

The RED camera’s ISO is set in the image’s memory and can be modified while leaving the original intact. RED cameras are easy to manipulate, enabling you to use ISO as desired, depending on the weather conditions. You will appreciate the hotkeys and shortcuts that are the fastest ways to access menu options and settings. 

Benefits of RED TECH

Every filmmaker will tell you they are always drooling of the most expensive gear. Until you can afford it, the best way to improve your production is by achieving the best sound and image qualities using what you have. 

Having gained some knowledge on RED TECH equipment’s capability, try to replicate its capacity. Rent the best equipment, when you can’t afford it, and guarantee the best results.

If you are going to succeed, make your filming equipment an extension of your body. This will enable you to know your potential and how you can surpass your current limits. Learn the customizable feature of RED TECH equipment, especially the functionality of RED cameras. 


You have learned valuable tips on purchasing, renting and using broadcast and filming equipment. You want to put everything you have learned into action. Don’t be afraid to check and venture into areas you haven’t tried before. When things don’t work out, don’t be scared to ask.