Red Cinema Announcements

Most people associate the team at Omega Broadcast Group with professional photography, camcorders and camera equipment. They know that we pride ourselves on being your source in Austin, Texas for camcorders, studio cameras, and accessories. If there is a product that has proven itself in the film and broadcast marketplace, you know that we're the first to provide it to the public.

Here at the Omega Broadcast Group, we make a point of having our finger on the pulse of the professional photography, film and television industries. That's not only the best way to keep up on trends, but the only way to stay abreast of new technologies as they appear on the horizon. Once we discover a new piece of equipment, our consumers know that they can depend on us to provide it to them in an affordable manner.

We specialize in making the latest in cameras available to our customers. It doesn't matter whether you wish to purchase or rent camera equipment, we have everything necessary for professional photography, student projects, and amateur endeavors. Our team is experienced in helping you select everything from studio cameras for production facilities, to camcorders to record amazing videos on-the-go. 

Perhaps we're proudest of the fact that we have been chosen to be an authorized dealer for RED Cinema products. This allows you to obtain an extensive selection of RED equipment from us directly, for which we will knowledgeably suggest what's best for your individual needs. In addition, we'll work with you so your RED camera equipment fits seamlessly into your studio venue, mobile production unit or upcoming corporate event. 

If you're not familiar with RED Digital Cinema Cameras, they are located in Irvine, California with offices around the world. RED manufactures the highest grade of cameras for digital photography and cinematography. Filmmakers and broadcasters around the globe have come to depend upon their products to perfect whatever assignment they may be on.

One of the most exciting developments to come to the world of RED Digital Cinema is the introduction of their WEAPON and RED EPIC-W cameras. These cameras are compact, yet share the “HELIUM 8K S35 sensor technology” RED is known for. This sensor delivers images with simply superior quality comparing to industry competitors. Camera operators will find themselves with an incredible range with which to get the shots they need and the extreme shots they want.

The WEAPON was built to be the best camera in the broadcast business. It captures “8K Full Format motion” at 35.4 megapixels and 60 fps (frames per second) when used for motion. The WEAPON is also capable of upgrading to the largest sensor RED offers, the DRAGON 8K VV. 

Meanwhile, the EPIC-W offers the advances of RED technology as well. With the EPIC-W you'll be able to produce “8K Full Format motion” up to 30 frames per second. The EPIC-W is versatile enough to deliver sharp images and work with Avid or Apple ProRes recording systems. As with all of the studio cameras and camcorders produced by RED, you'll experience studio-level results at every turn.

As authorized dealers for RED Digital Cinema products, we offer a full range of RED cameras, accessories and power supplies. Omega Broadcast also stocks high-grade lenses, mounts, displays and media components. We are here for all of your needs, as well as helpful instruction and professional advice.

To these ends, our well-trained Omega Broadcast team is eager to serve you and provide everyone with the latest of tools for broadcast success. If you've never used a piece of RED camera equipment before, we're ready to give hands-on experience. After all, it's always easier to decide on whether it's right for your production when you've held a piece of equipment in your own hands.

At Omega Broadcast, everything from product demonstrations to examples of prior work is available for everyone to view. And if you have questions about absolutely anything, never hesitate to ask us. That's what we're here for.