NAB 2017 Tech Launches

Most people associate the team at Omega Broadcast Group with professional photography, camcorders and camera equipment. They know that we pride ourselves on being your source in Austin, Texas for camcorders, studio cameras, and accessories. If there is a product that has proven itself in the film and broadcast marketplace, you know that we're the first to provide it to the public.

What you may not be familiar with, is how closely we follow the many innovations that come from the NAB or National Association of Broadcasters. The NAB is known as “the voice for the nation's radio and television broadcasters.” They are the most prominent organization for broadcasters from private, corporate and government sectors. 

The National Association of Broadcasters not only monitors events so that the interests of the broadcast world is advanced, but makes advances in technology known to its membership. With the assistance of the NAB, both national and locally based stations have a way to improve their all-important broadcast content.

Local Broadcasters

Members of the NAB know that the association supports what they do. It doesn't matter whether they provide broadcast services to educational facilities, over-the-air, cable or satellite broadcasters. The NAB knows that even the smallest and most remote broadcaster is necessary for communities to function. Without their efforts, news and emergency information would not be possible. 

Trends in Innovation

The NAB has been at the forefront of innovation for broadcasters. Especially in this day of digital broadcasting, mobile devices and field reporting, their sense of tomorrow continues to set the standard. As technology changes and advances, broadcasters have a place to learn new ways to deliver information. 

Social Media and the News

The last two decades have seen rapid changes in how broadcasters deliver their product. Whereas readers once got their news from newspapers and their local television station, our smartphones now deliver up professional photography and up-to-the-minute developments. Local happenings, national politics, and world issues as never farther away than the smartphone in the palm of your hand.

PILOT Innovation Challenge

The National Association of Broadcasters has announced their newest endeavor. The PILOT Innovation Challenge will be on the lookout for new concepts and ideas, especially those which can better serve local broadcasters. With this challenge, everyone has a chance to contribute to the future of better broadcasting. 

The PILOT Innovation Challenge has several noteworthy goals, among them:
“Identify, cultivate and support innovations that serve the information needs of communities. A well as, “enable the collisions of perspectives and ideas.” What makes this Challenge so accessible to broadcasters of any size and variety, is how simple it is to enter. Your new idea doesn't have to be a concept, product or well-established business. On the contrary, it can be a work-in-progress or experimental idea.

2017 National Association of Broadcasters Show

The PILOT Innovation Challenge will be officially launched at the 2017 NAB Show, held in Las Vegas this April. Interested parties can submit their entries throughout the summer, with entries evaluated by a team of experts in the fall. Lucky winners present their concept to a live audience, fielding questions about their creation. The ultimate prize being professional guidance to make their ideas a reality for their production entity and the broadcast community at-large.

At the Omega Broadcast Group, we make sure filmmakers and broadcasters have what they need to make their ideas work. We both sell and rent all varieties of camera equipment. Studio cameras and camcorders are just the beginning. Visit our website or meet the Omega Broadcast team in-person, to get an idea of what we offer.