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Demo - Fujifilm IS-mini & MiniManager
Demo - Fujifilm IS-mini & MiniManager


The Fujifilm IS-mini LUT Box & MiniManager Software Demo

Event Details:

Date: Thursday, December 3, 2015

Location: Omega Broadcast Group
817 W Howard Ln
Austin, TX 78753

Schedule: Two Sessions Available
@ 10:00am & 1:00pm

Product Code: EVENT-FUJIISMINI-121115
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Fujifilm IS-mini LUT Box & MiniManager Software Demo

with Michael Bulbenko from Fujifilm North America

The Fujinon IS-Mini is a digital color adjustment device used for on-set camera preview and for monitor calibration for professional motion picture productions.

By having IS-mini interlock with IS-100 connected to the main camera and main monitor, and having the equipment information of the shooting camera and image checking monitor to be connected with IS-100, registered in IS-100, the color conversion table is automatically sent from IS-100 to IS-mini. This enables to check the final images with appropriate color conversion according to the color conversion table of each IS-100, even if a camera or monitor of a different manufacturer and model than the main camera and main monitor is connected to IS-mini. Ideal color management is possible on large scale shooting sets, where multiple cameras and monitors are used at the same time.

If IS-mini recorded with the color conversion table used and generated with IS-100 is connected with the monitor and image output equipment, used in post-production for editing and finishing up images, color intended by the director on the film set is correctly reproduced on the monitor, which streamlines post-production work.

First session: 10 am - 12 pm
Second session: 1 pm - 3 pm

Demo Topics will Include:
- On-set color management techniques for all movie and television productions.
- Color management for multiple cameras.
- Monitor calibrations.
- Using the Fujifilm IS-mini LUT box.
- Using the associated MiniManager software.

Any ISmini sold between now and Dec. 5, customer is entitled to ONE (1) free PLUS License upgrade worth $250. PLUS is a simple downloaded key that unlocks a number of "power-user" functions in the Fujifilm MIniManager software. These functions include, 16-color vector secondary color correction, 3rd party LUT import from all major color grading software platforms, expanded list of LUT export for all major color grading platforms, and enhanced monitor probe selection for monitor calibration.

About Michael:
Michael Bulbenko started photography and darkroom printing at the age of 13. Along the way to becoming a professional shooter, he earned a degree in physics and took a detour through law school before landing in Los Angeles in 1984. Since then, Michael has done photo and video work with numerous corporate clients and advertisers, and was hired by Fujifilm in 1991 to be the in-house staff photographer at the Hollywood Technical Communications Center. Michael was on the forefront of the digital photography revolution as it overtook film capture, and in his current position as marketing manager for Fujifilm motion picture products he is keenly following the convergence of still and video imaging. Michael has also been in front of the camera in features and television, and worked for a year on the writing staff of a soap opera. (source)

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