Filmmaker Creates iOS App Identical to RED User Interface

doodle article 2/13/2015

If you're considering a RED camera for your next project in order to take advantage of the 6K capabilities and cinema style shooting, then you may be shocked at the steep learning curve that comes with the camera’s operation. RED is not a simple run and gun camera unless you’re already familiar with how the camera operates. That is where filmmaker, Kris Prygrocki, comes in with an iOS app that simulates the RED platform and offers additional support for the RED cameras.

The App is called “Donna and it was designed to give camera operators and assistants the ability to learn, practice, and reference the various features of the RED, without wasting valuable onset time looking around the menu structure to reach the settings you want to adjust. It simulates exactly the menu structure of both the RED EPIC® and RED SCARLET® camera platforms. The app gives a user the ability to practice and save time by avoiding menu surfing, offering the ability to file support tickets with RED, and reading posts on REDUSER. "Donna" also offers tips and insight from the the top professionals of the industry, on how to use the RED cameras.

Prygrocki updates the app regularly as well, with the current release notes covering firmware versions. Some users may feel a bit frustrated though, since many of the menu items have sliders that don’t really work. That’s by design since the idea here is to know where everything is, and not fiddle with changing simulated camera settings that would be of little benefit. The Donna App is available at the iTunes App Store for free, and Prygrocki has said that if he gets enough interest, he’ll port it over to the Android platform. iOS users can download Donna here.