Video Devices FS7 NEW Firmware Version 1.10 for Download

by: atanguma 12/30/2014

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Ver. 1.1 brings improved sensitivity of the iris control, simplified Video Signal Monitor and LUT selection. It also adds [S-Gamut/S-Log2 Gamma] color grading space to the Cine EI menu and associated LUT to the Video Out menu. Mode details in the attached documents above.

What's new in firmware Version 1.10
- Support for "S-log2 Gamma/S-Gamut" is added to the Cine IE Menu
- The "Sensitivity" of the Iris aperture setting using the "Iris Dial" and the "Assignable Dial" is improved and optimized for various lenses or adapters.
- "Video Signal Monitor" display enabled condition.
1. The default value of "Output Format" on the Video Menu is changed. This will allow "Video Signal Monitor" display without changing the "Output Format" from the default setting.
2. Video Signal Monitor is display in the SDI and Viewfinder while in "Edge Corp mode"
- "Zoom Ring Direction setting" will be retained after Power OFF