PMW-F55/F5 Firmware Upgrade V5.0 UPDATE

Updated by: atanguma 12/22/2014

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Continuing the firmware development timeline, Sony is excited to announce Version 5.0 firmware for the F5, and F55. As has been the case with each firmware release, v5 implements powerful new features at no cost to the end user. In addition to new functionality, v5 adds support for the optional new hardware accessories being introduced, including the Apple ProRes and Avid DNxHD encoder board, the new ENG, Documentary Shoulder mount dock, and the optional 4K upgrade for the F5.

Version 5.0 can be updated from v2.0 firmware onward. When needing to update from v1.22 and earlier, you MUST update to v2.0 first. Regarding the procedure and functions for updating to v2.0, please refer to this post As with all firmware updates you cannot revert to earlier versions, as operational instability will likely occur.

PMW-F55/F5 Firmware Version 5.0 Release notes

For PMW-F55: PMW-F55_V410_4.10_3_2014-05-29_21-21-09_firmware.bin
For PMW-F5: PMW-F5_V410_4.10_2_2014-05-29_21-21-22_firmware.bin