NewTek Unveils New Product: Meet TalkShow

by: cwalsh 9/12/2014

We have some VERY EXCITING news to share with you....

Because of our global industry leadership in live production, NewTek was tapped by Microsoft to partner in creating a turnkey studio-grade system that allows broadcasters and video producers to engage with remote experts and guest commentators using live, full-frame Skype video calls. This new product is called "TalkShow" and we have just unveiled it this morning at the 2014 IBC Convention in Amsterdam.

-- TalkShow is the first video calling production system designed specifically for television studios and live event producers.
-- TalkShow builds upon Skype TX software from Microsoft for initiating, receiving, monitoring and managing video calls, with a unique set of live production tools not found in other video calling systems.
-- With TalkShow, any television or live event producer can easily connect to more than 300 million active Skype users anywhere in the world and incorporate them as guest speakers into live programs with full-frame Skype video calls.
-- Offering dual channel Ethernet connectivity, two channels (1 in, 1 out) of HD-SDI I/O that includes reference signal, professional XLR audio support, Tally support and more, TalkShow will enable producers to make, receive, monitor and adjust Skype video calls, as well as,
• transform any Skype video call initiated to-or from-a desktop, laptop, X-Box gaming system, Skype enabled TV, or mobile device into full-frame video
• color balance video images
• deliver reliable broadcast audio signal quality
• actively monitor live Skype video calls
• easily manage multiple, simultaneous Skype calls

TalkShow VS-100 is expected to ship in Q4 2014, and is available to order now at a special introductory price of $3,995 USMSRP, which will remain in effect through November 26, 2014. International pricing will vary.
• TalkShow Reseller price books are available now on Channeltivity, or through your local Distributor.
• We will begin accepting orders on October 1, 2014

We're very excited about what TalkShow means for NewTek and the industry. We know that you'll have questions so please be sure to read all of the materials on Channeltivity and connect with your NewTek sales representative if you need more information.

Omega is following all announcements coming from the IBC conference in Amsterdam. Check out our IBC Event page for more info.