NINJA BLADE: AtomOS 5.11 Update

by: cwalsh 5/05/2014

NINJA BLADE: AtomOS 5.11 Update

Atomos is pleased to announce AtomOS 5.11 for the new Ninja Blade. Recommended for all customers.

Click here to download

AtomOS 5.11 coming soon for Samurai Blade users.

Ninja Blade 5.11 release notes


Enhancements and Fixes:
- Pulldown re-locks when camera cadence changes frame order to avoid interlace artifacts
- Fixed issue with 3:2/2:2 pulldown where a black line would appear on the right hand side of the video

Other Changes:
- Implemented Auto-detect for all HDMI Camera Start/Stop triggers. Timecode should also be set to HDMI for HDMI Timecode detection and recording.
- Changed Camera trigger options to "HDMI" or "None/Timecode". Customers using Rolling Timecode trigger, will need to set to None/Timecode and activate the yellow icon to enable Rolling Timecode trigger.
- Quicktime vendor field changed from "atms" to "appl" for greater compatibility.