NIPROS NAB 2014 Product Announcements

by: cwalsh 4/08/2014

NIPROS ST-7S300ST-7S300 Shoulder Mount Rig for Sony PMW-300

The ST-7S300 is the dedicated shoulder mount rig for Sony PMW-300 camcorder, which can realize very comfortable & professional operation style. It quickly increases the camera picture stability and can provide many benefits for operators as like a standard shoulder mount camera.

- Great weight balance on shoulder
- Soft type shoulder pad
- V-mount battery operation
- DC Power switch
- Direct attachment onto VCT-14 type tripod adapter
- BNC terminals
- Handle attachment just fitted to PMW-300 design
- Easy to carry
- Studio operation


NIPROS FD-400AFD-400A - Intercom via BNC Connection

"Wired" isn't worse than "Wireless" always, which depends on the location and applications. "Wired" has many benefits as no interference is happened and no frequency allocation work is required. Therefore, this FD-400A (and previous model FD-300A) are so popular in Japan for several type event & filming operations.

Actually, it is very easy to use FD-400A without any difficulty. More than 2 units (up to ten) of FD-400A can be simply connected with normal BNC cable even without the base station, so that all operators can talk at the same time with each FD-400A. FD-400A can be operated with normal AA batteries for more than 200 hours so that operators don't need to worry about the power supply even for 2 weeks long event.


NIPROS LS-750/850LS-750/850 - Both for HD&4K production, exciting features are for now & future

What specifications are ideally requested for today's high-end optical fiber system?

Here is the answer. After deep investigation of advanced HD production and the 4K production, LS-750 & LS-850 have been developed with the most innovative features.

This flagship optical fiber transmission system can transmit 4K pictures (either 3840/60P or 4096/60P) coming from 4 x 3G-SDI. And also one more 3G/HD-SDI signal can be transmitted simultaneously which can be quite useful for the monitoring system integration. Because LS-750/850 can transmit all of ancillary data and metadata on SDI standard, any type of 4K/HD/SD camera can be connected with the innovative system.

It means, this system is not only for 4K, but it is actually very flexible system which can work as 5 x HD (50P/60P) cameras transmission system.


HDF-700HDF-700 - The real Professional Viewfinder & Field monitor with the high brightness panel

The HDF-700 is the most advanced featured Viewfinder with 7-inch LCD panel. In case of outside production, this amazing brightness is very remarkable features in mobile and robust body, which can help the production crews to check the quality of valuable pictures with its perfect eyesight on this bright LCD screen.

- Clear Peaking function
- Advanced Zebra function
- Return video display function with P-in-P function
- Direct function keys
- Vector scope & Waveform scope Function
- Level Meter & Monitoring Function for all channels of SDI Embedded Audio
- TC Tally Function