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MKH-416 Image Sennheiser MKH-416

Sennheiser Short Shotgun Interference Tube Mic

You Pay: $999.95
NTG3 Image Rode Microphones NTG3

Rode Microphones Precision RF-Biased Shotgun Microphone (Silver)

You Pay: $699.00
SSH-6 Image Zoom SSH-6

Zoom Stereo Shotgun Microphone Capsule for H5, H6, U-44 and Q8

You Pay: $149.99
NEW OPEN BOX AT899 Image Audio-Technica NEW OPEN BOX AT899

Audio-Technica Condenser Lavalier Microphone

You Pay: $242.00
iXY Image Rode Microphones iXY

Rode Microphones Stereo Microphone (Lightning Connector)

You Pay: $199.00
NT5 Image Rode Microphones NT5

Rode Microphones Cardioid Studio Condenser Microphones (Single Microphone)

You Pay: $219.00
WL93 Lavalier Image Shure WL93 Lavalier

Shure Omnidirectional Condenser Microphone for Wireless Systems with 4' Cable

You Pay: $78.00
PGXD1-X8 Image Shure PGXD1-X8

Shure Digital Series Wireless Bodypack Transmitter

You Pay: $179.00
PGXD24/PG58-X8 Image Shure PGXD24/PG58-X8

Shure PGXD Digital Series Wireless Microphone System

You Pay: $349.00
PGXD2/PG58 Image Shure PGXD2/PG58

Shure Digital Series Wireless Handheld Microphone Transmitter

You Pay: $170.00
PGXD4-X8 Image Shure PGXD4-X8

Shure Digital Series Wireless Microphone Receiver

You Pay: $195.00
UTXB03HR/14 Image Sony UTXB03HR/14

Sony UWP-D Bodypack Transmitter (470-542 MHz)

You Pay: $599.00
URX-P03D/14 Image URX-P03D/14

Two-Channel Portable Receiver (Channels 14-25)

You Pay: $699.00
URX-P03D/30 Image URX-P03D/30

Two-Channel Portable Receiver (Channels 30-36 & 38-41)

You Pay: $699.00
URX-P03D/42 Image URX-P03D/42

Two-Channel Portable Receiver (Channels 42-51)

You Pay: $699.00
SMQV (Block 20) Image Lectrosonics SMQV (Block 20)

Lectrosonics Super Miniature Wireless Microphone Transmitter (Freq Block 20)

You Pay: $1,439.00
SMQV (Block 22) Image Lectrosonics SMQV (Block 22)

Lectrosonics Super Miniature Wireless Microphone Transmitter (Freq Block 22)

You Pay: $1,439.00
UCR411A (Block 20) Image Lectrosonics UCR411A (Block 20)

Lectrosonics Wireless Diversity Receiver

You Pay: $1,759.00
UCR411A (Block 22) Image Lectrosonics UCR411A (Block 22)

Lectrosonics Camera Mountable Receiver (Frequency Block 22)

You Pay: $1,759.00
WM (Block 20) Image Lectrosonics WM (Block 20)

Lectrosonics Watertight Wireless Microphone Transmitter with M152/WP Lavalier Mic (Freq Block 20)

You Pay: $1,459.00
DWM-02 14 Image Sony DWM-02 14

Sony Digital Wireless Handheld Transmitter UHF-TV channels 14 to 25 (470 to 542 MHz)

You Pay: $1,549.95
LMB-B1 Image Lectrosonics LMB-B1

Lectrosonics Digital Hybrid Wireless Beltpack Transmitter (B1: 537.600 to 614.375 MHz)

You Pay: $829.00