News Studios: Understanding How They Work + Tips on How to Set Them Up

News Studios: Understanding How They Work + Tips on How to Set Them Up


Before a news program starts, the studio is merely a big empty room. Often, it features a lighting grid, which is always in place in the ceiling. What we see on TV, which includes the lights and the entire set, all have to be designed and built to be brought into the studio. The pros will put them all together based on the plan provided to them. News studios are in industrial buildings that are either built or adapted.

It is not rare to find the studios to be sound-proofed with high ceilings and massive access doors. The size of the doors is for functionality since equipment and scenery are needed to be loaded in and out without glitches. The studios typically do not have an audience. However, if there need to be some people, they will be on the studio floor where the show also takes place. A floor manager should always be around as he or she is an essential person for the success of the program. This person listens to both the director and the producer to ensure everything on the studio floor is according to plan.

Behind the scenes come various galleries where lights and sound are controlled in their independent galleries. Lights are managed through their lighting gallery while the sound is mixed by a supervisor, along with the effects and music, which are typically led by a grams operator. The producer, director, vision mixer, and script supervisor are all in the production gallery where they do their jobs. Galleries and the floor are connected using a talkback system to make sure everyone can hear the director’s instructions.

If you are planning to build your own news studio, you may be happy to know that it does not have to be expensive. In fact, you can find ideas that will help you achieve the studio design you want no matter how much budget you allocate for it.

Here are the best tips to start creating a news studio today:


Choose your Studio Camera

The right equipment can be expensive, which is why cameras are often the biggest hurdles in creating a studio and a video. While you can use smartphones that have amazing cameras or a webcam for those with a little bit of budget, a digital SLR camera is a good place to start if you are willing to spend some cash. They may be costly, but these pieces of equipment can guarantee that you will have great-quality videos.


Have ideal lighting conditions

It is critical that you have good lighting to produce great videos. You will undoubtedly look unprofessional if the videos have poor lighting. Consider filming outdoors where you can take advantage of natural light. Record in a location with ample light or use a desk light to supplement it.

As you film, it helps that the news reader or broadcaster faces the light source, which results in casting his or her face in light. For small budgets, a lighting kit can help remove some blemishes. Meanwhile, those with big budgets can start with an 18-inch fluorescent made for photos and videos, along with a light stand.


Buy a quality microphone

As with the other pieces of equipment that you will use in your news studio, the more expensive the microphone, the better sound is produced.

Aside from these three, you should also consider the background. Since it is a news studio, it should be professional. Try a double-sized banner with your brand on it, which can be suitable for corporate backgrounds.