Indie Films Emerging in the Video Production business


The obscurity of indie films has been the trend for a long time. However, the past decade has seen them grow and have a sound emergence on the video production business. The films have lured viewers and captured their hearts. Many studios nowadays recognize the increasing popularity of independent movies, which is why they have increasingly developed and financed them. The clear line that always separated Hollywood blockbusters and indie films is slowly diminishing.


Why most indie films have always staggered to make an appearance in the mainstream media has got to do with actors, producers, and directors moving away from the independent sector and eyeing franchises. If you can remember, Rian Johnson went from Looper (2012) to Star Wars. Similarly, Marc Webb went from the indie film 500 Days of Summer (2009) to the franchise The Amazing Spiderman (2012). Once one moves to the blockbusters, they lose interest in doing small movies.

Some small movies have become successful nonetheless. Remember The Blair Witch Project? Or Billy Elliot? Those, among others, are examples of indie films that became a mainstream success. The success of some of these films is attributed to the Sundance film festival. It helps indie films get an audience, both at the festival and even after that. All the films selected to play at Sundance are produced independently and are up for grabs at the festival.



Some of the prominent names you will hear in attendance of the festival are Netflix and Amazon. Where major studios have thought twice about picking up a film, the two, which are also tech titans have extravagantly provided top dollars and rattled the nerves of the blockbuster studios.


Independent film producers now have a wider potential audience and promotion through Amazon and Netflix. Basically, with big budgets, filmmakers can easily repay investors and still make profits. This comes as a rescue as most of these types of films struggle with finances and are always on the lookout for funding.


The growth of independent films, having increased, has also seen the cost of production in the business dwindle. This has led to stiff competition and the distribution itself has become even more cutthroat. Amazon and Netflix entry into the independent sector couldn’t come at a better time. They offer platforms that demand millions of subscribers who stream the movies with a bandwidth that ostensibly seems unlimited. This is the reason why indie films are becoming unstoppable.

Some independent movies are having major wins in Oscars, for example, in 2016, Spotlight won the best picture, The Revenant won for the best actor, best director, and best cinematography. There were other winners on the list like The Danish Girl, Room, Ex Machina among others. This is just a show of independent films are emerging in the video production world.


Some of the 2017 indie movies you perhaps have missed include:

Lady Bird (2017) – It is bound to motivate you if you’ve ever been a mother or a daughter. It is bound to inspire you. The movie is about a girl in her last year of high school. It is directed by Greta Gerwig and it might just be the best coming-of-age film of ages.

Good Time (2017) – Has an intense drama that will leave you remembering Robert Pattison as Connie Nikkas, a man who attempted to rob a bank only for the plan to go awry when his mentally challenged accomplice and brother gets put in Rikers.


The Incredible Jessica James (2017) – About a playwright recuperating from a breakup when she meets a man, Chris O’Down, who is in a middle of a divorce. The two make a perfect match and as brokenhearted people, they start hanging and we slowly see a recipe for love.


Others that are bound to be a success and give the blockbusters a run for the money are A Ghost Story, The Lovers, The Columbus…the list is endless. You can always check them out.