Top Gear for Creating Animated Films

The art of animation is no easy task. Lucky for you, there is a handful of software available for ensuring that you can easily create them. But, what type of gear is required to pull off a one of a kind animation film?

1. PC

This is the first top gear you should absolutely have. It will allow you to make graphics work with ease, provided the processor is fast. After all, a computer is where you will install the necessary software that enhances the easy creation of animation characters. Of great importance, apart from the RAM and processor, is the graphics card and the necessary drivers. You might want to upgrade them to the latest version if you want to save time and create quality 3D works.


You don’t have to go the expensive way as you can buy a modern laptop with enough storage space, fast speeds, and ideal tools for facilitating easy generation. Have the best you can afford without spending too much.

2. A Camera

Not just any camera, a good digital camera. Again, why do you need this? Sourcing images or videos on the internet for your projects can land you into copyright problems. You need a camera of your own to take excellent pictures or shoot quality videos. If you can’t afford a camera, a phone with a good resolution will suffice. A digital camera is the best when the need to transform an image or a video into electronic data arises.


3. Sound System

Animations require soundtracks. You are burdened with the task of making the audio yourself. The PC you are using comes with ports for a mic, a MIDI or a line-in. All these are necessary depending on the soundtrack you want to make. If it is a voice over, a good microphone will be sufficient, but if it includes music a MIDI keyboard can help you create amazing music tracks. Just ensure that you have the right sound card and proper drivers installed.


4. Scanner

That’s right, you need a scanner if you are looking into using many images and working with them on your computer. In animations, some little sketching with a pencil and a piece of paper is required. After sketching, transferring the data to a computer is much easier using a scanner. Any type of scanner will work unless you want to make meticulous scanning of intricately detailed pieces of works or drawings. In this case, you might want to invest a little in a good scanner.


5. Graphic Tablet

It is also called a digitizing tablet. It is effective in that it allows a real-time input of hand-drawn art to the PC. It comes with a large screen and a stylus that allows you to doodle or draw images on the tablet while it is connected as a peripheral device to the computer. The device is sensitive and it will take time for you to get used to, but it is worth it.


Those are some of the top gear you need for successful animations. You can now install any program of your choice and get going with your projects.