Tips for Vloggers & Influencers


Over the past few years, Vlogging has taken the world by storm. In plain terms, vlogging is video blogging. People use videos as forms of influence or marketing instead of texts. It is no surprise as the bigger lot out there can relate to it better than several pages of an article blog. Businesses, enthusiasts among other persons are creating videos to reach customers, to entertain fans, or simply motivate or educate others.

That said, how do you ensure that your videos are successful and influential? Here are some tips:


Nobody wants to hear boring stories. If your content has no sense of value to the audience, you will be met with disappointment. Before creating a vlog, create an amazing content. Make sure it adds value to someone’s life. The content should be educational, persuasive, inspiring, and entertaining. Know your audience, this will help you zero in on what type of content to create.

Also, because there are lots of negativity out there, keep your vlog content positive, especially with content you share on social media. Lack of accountability attracts obnoxious behavior. Unless you want to be a critic or a controversial vlogger, keep away from what you can’t handle.

Shoot High-Quality Video

It all starts with the content. High-quality videos are determined by several factors, which include the audio, lighting, and the choice of camera. You shouldn’t necessarily be a perfectionist to create the best quality videos.

The default mic that comes with your camcorder often produces an audio that isn’t audible enough or one that isn’t of good quality. Luckily, the device you use for recording comes with a port for an external microphone. You can use it to get the best audio for your video. In a worst-case scenario, if the video turns out horrible, you can make an excellent audio post.

Lighting is paramount in shooting a quality video. Ensure that the light source, whether natural or artificial, is behind the camera. Also, explore all the lighting options including key light, full light, and backlight. Proper lighting, not perfect like the Hollywood style, but ideal to make your video adorable.

As for the camera type, an affordable DSLR, a camcorder, or even a laptop or a smartphone will suffice. Ensure that it has sharp lenses and it can shoot in HD. All these are mandatory in creating a quality video.

Be Consistent

If you want to be successful as a video blogger and an influencer, your videos should be consistent. Don’t post one video today and wait for months before thinking about posting again. It shouldn’t necessarily be every day, but keep in mind that priority is key. Once or twice a week is important, particularly if you are using a smartphone to shoot.

Alternatively, you can batch produce the videos and content, edit, and schedule them for posting at regular intervals. This is the easier method.

Promote Your Content on Social Media

While sharing content with other vloggers and influencers is crucial for ensuring you get better and better in your endeavors, promoting the content on social media is equally important. Most importantly, you can post them on your website. Don’t just share links, upload the whole video along with some catchy and descriptive text that will motivate people to watch it.

These are just a few tips away from the technical part of creating the video. Giving the video a good thumbnail, editing using locally installed applications, posting them on YouTube, and being eloquent and sure of what you are talking about are other tips you should consider.