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Over the past several decades, Austin has amassed a significantly rich history regarding locally produced movies and television shows. The homegrown scene the city creates is admired around the world, thanks to its diverse locations, the temperate climate, and its creative and artistic aura. Moreover, Austin has a talented crew base, it is surrounded by small towns, which are ideal for a period piece, and a couple of other resources that will come in handy in your filming. Nonetheless, here are a couple of things you need to know when shooting films in Austin.

Permits and Regulations

The Austin Film Commission is not responsible for the issuance of licenses. However, regardless of the impact or crew size, if you are looking to film or are shooting on public property, streets, sidewalks, government buildings or parks, for example, you will need a permit. While making films on private property, the permit is unnecessary.

The Austin Transportation Department does the authorization of the use of streets, sidewalks, alleys among another right of way in the city. The permits are free, but the provision of proof of insurance is required for it to be processed. The permit can be filed online with a recommendation being at least three days before the filming starts. Parks and waterways need requests of at least seven days in advance and fourteen days before shooting for small productions and large impacts productions respectively. This can be made through the Parks and Recreation Office of Special Events. Capitol grounds, state-owned properties, highways, universities among others also have their platforms for requesting permits.

Film Incentives

The use of city-owned locations can be achieved at a cost, without any place fees, or reservations. This offer helps and enhances the promotion of shooting in the city. It also ensures that filming in Austin is cost effective. Also, worth noting, is how Austin waives many of the permit fees for filming on the streets, alleys, and sidewalks. The city also assigns two police officers, to help manage the crowds and control traffic for a total of 15 days. The only requirement for this is that your production must be eligible for the Texas Moving Image Industry Incentive Programme.

Austin also has Film Discount Card Program, which is available for productions filming in its environs. The program is made up of local vendors who participate in extending discounts to the crew and the cast members.

Location Scouting

Austin offers a range of diverse landscapes ideal for filmmaking. These landscapes are within a half-hour of the city, and they include the green prairies and the rolling hills to the west and the east the agricultural aspects. There are also pristine lakes, beautiful ranchland as well as a pine forest. 

Austin has location scouts to help you scout and find the perfect spot for filming. Managers can also search for these sites in the city and the surroundings through the Film Commission’s website directly. It has a substantial database in which you will find everything you need including more information on how to obtain permits.

Accommodations and Office Space

Austin has some of the best filming venues every moviemaker desires. As such, you should book the variety of accommodations and space offered by the Austin Studios. The studio itself is a hundred thousand square foot video production and film facility. It has everything you need to make your production a success with in-stage office spaces, five sound stages, a break room, a cyc wall, a screening room, an office building and massive acres of asphalt. All these are available for rent.

The presence of motels, hotels as well as extended-stay premises, which have before been used for the same purpose, are available. They provide the most flexible and comprehensive requirements you will need while shooting your film.

Most importantly, the people of Austin are super friendly for all types of filming. They always stand ready to encourage and offer assistance to filming.