What to See at Austin Film Festival

The Austin Film Festival is an international forum whose primary objective is to further the art and science of storytelling. The festival motivates and champions the works of filmmakers, writers, and artists who employ visual or written language to tell their stories. 

The festival is a combination of an 8-day film festival and a 4-day conference. There are also other smaller year-round events, radio and TV shows and a popular emerging filmmakers program.

What is it all about?

The AFF is all about celebrating creativity. It is also a forum for creative artists to find their voice and express themselves in a fun way. 

The Austin Film festival is committed to promoting the art, science, and business of screenwriters and filmmakers. This is achieved through unique year-round events and services. The program enhances public awareness and participation while promoting vibrant and ongoing community involvement.

What you need to know...

Austin Film Festival is the leading film festival in the world. There are many good reasons for everyone to attend the festival and conference. This is a place where screenwriters, filmmakers, producers, and consumers share their souls and hearts. 

By attending, you end up a better screenwriter, producer, filmmaker or consumer. For the emerging filmmaker, you have the chance to rub shoulder with the giants. You also get to watch the stars and get a dose of inspiration. Such makes it the leading film festival the world over.


The Film festival is hosted in different movie theaters all over downtown Austin and other places nearby. Some prominent venues include The State Theater, The Paramount Theater, The Long Center for Performing Arts and The Hideout Theater among others. 

What to expect 

The conference offers a platform for over 150 round tables, interactive panels, and meetings with the leading filmmakers and screenwriters. The forum also conducts workshops where the core factors are screenwriting and filmmaking. Such dialogues include discussion, character development, and story structure.

There are distinct panels that address the subject of developing scripts by upcoming producers and writers. Topics discussed include overcoming the writer’s block, how to produce a film on a budget and film marketing tips.

Networking opportunities 

You will get lots of opportunities to meet and great writers and producers. That includes forums where you can meet other participants in the entertainment industry. Some people attending the festival sell their scripts or find fresh opportunities just by being participants.

Types of films you can see

Every year, the Austin Film festival organizes competitions in at least eight categories. These include Narrative Short, Documentary Feature, Narrative Feature, Narrative Student Short, Documentary Short, Animated Short, Comedy Vanguard and Dark Matters. 

The Scripted Digital Series is the newest addition to the series, offered by the Austin Film Festival, designed specifically for online platforms.  In addition to these categories, AFF now offers a Scripted Digital Series competition for serialized content on online platforms.

Reasons to attend 

No screenwriter or filmmaker can claim a magic formula for writing or producing. However, some magic happens when birds of a feather congregate. The AFF brings all genres of writers, screenwriters, and filmmakers under one roof.

Regardless of your interest or level of expertise, the Austin Film Festival is the preferred outlet for all storytellers. Your story telling skills changes for better when you learn from the giants. 

Whether you are telling your story on stage or a small or big screen, what matters is that you move your audience. That’s every screen writers or filmmakers job. The Austin Film Festival provides the most valuable information. You learn from multi-talented stars that have cracked their professional rackets and wrestled them to the ground. 

For eight days, every October, The Austin Film Festival features tens of workshop, panels, pitch sessions, and round tables. Every nook and cranny of the art, science, craft, and business of telling stories through television, film, and digital media are included. 

The AFF includes the necessary skills such as research and story editing, tips on creating and funding your film without getting into debt, advice on working with writing partners and how to move in a new direction after establishing success. 

The festival covers many significant events and activities every year. No one attends the AFF and comes back unchanged.